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For Once, a Big Cow Hollow Home Escapes Death by Renovation

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Most of the big, beautiful Cow Hollow homes that come up for sale these days have been pruned, renovated, and modernized within an inch of their lives—or even rebuilt entirely. That's not the case for the four-bedroom, four-bath house at 2900 Baker Street, which just hit the market asking $4.1 million. The home, built in 1936, still has most of its original decorative wood detailing and trim. Its fireplaces are made of carved wood and marble, and quite a few of its light fixtures could pass for original. There's a twisting wooden staircase and a really adorable rounded doorway at the main entrance.

That isn't to say that the home lacks some modern touches: The kitchen looks fairly recently updated, and the master suite includes a sauna. There are views over to the Palace of Fine Arts from some rooms and from the roof deck, and the back garden does rather conjure the magical oasis described in the brokerbabble.

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