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Adorable 1-BX Courtship Ends in Muni-Shaped Wedding Cake

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Muni Diaries has the story of 1-BX riders Lisa and Mark, who met on their regular Inbound-Downtown route to work in the mornings. Lisa's account of their fateful yet environmentally sustainable courtship reads like a lost outtake from those When Harry Met Sally bumper scenes:

We both rode the 1-BX in the morning to work. He got on at Presidio and I got on at Fillmore. I was standing in the front stairwell talking to my other bus friends and he was usually sitting near there … Then one random afternoon I got on the 1-BX on the way home an looked down and found I was standing in front of him.

Long story short, they began walking together from their Downtown stop (Bush and Sansome) every day. Mark later confessed that he always walked several blocks out of his way just to keep talking to her (several extra blocks!). But they lost touch once Mark moved to Texas. Lisa picks it up from here:

I am so thankful that we exchanged numbers, because in the summer of 2013, Mark moved back to San Francisco and got in touch and we finally had our first date. We thought we were just getting together as old bus friends, but the sparks flew.

So naturally, when the couple tied the knot last month, they paid tribute to SF's most romantic transit agency with a wedding cake shaped like a bus, complete with a Giants ad running down the side. Alison Okabayashi at Pretty Please Bakeshop designed the cake, which is a gluten-free pistachio with lime ganache (the flavor of Muni, no?).

That's not the only transit-friendly confection Pretty Please has whipped up, however! The shop's greatest hits also include a T train, a Golden Gate Bridge motif, and a hot air balloon, which we must say looks enviably efficient from our usual spot jammed up against six or seven not-so-romantic bus buddies.

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