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This Victorian 3-Bed Is a Real $1.395M Deal, if You Never Cook

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Over in Lower Pacific Heights, a mostly lovely three-bedroom, one-and-a-half-bath Victorian has popped up for the relatively reasonable price of $1.395 million. Because real estate in San Francisco is almost never reasonable, we immediately wondered what was wrong with it. This place definitely has its pluses, including fireplaces, historical detailing, and a leafy green backyard. But then we came across the very, very sad kitchen and suddenly the price didn't seem so great.

This kitchen has absolutely no counter space. At all. There's just a stove plopped on one side of the room and a sink on the other. There are also no cabinets. Kitchens can, of course, be renovated, but parking is harder and this place has none. Finally, although there are three bedrooms, two look twin-bed-only tiny. The house has only 1,440 square feet of space, bringing it in at $969 per square, which is above the neighborhood median of $828. So much for a deal.

· 2107 Bush Street [Redfin]