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Woo a Sexy Librarian at This Totally Stacked Edwardian Condo

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From the street, this two-level condo in a 1900-era Lower Pac Heights Edwardian looks decent enough. Inside, though, someone went to the trouble to transform what was (perhaps?) an upstairs bedroom into a spectacles-lowering, bun-loosening library sleeping nook with stained-glass-covered bookcases and a gold-trimmed ceiling that looks fit for the fanciest of reading rooms. (We think it's just wallpaper, though? Still, the effect is highly persuasive.) The Anthropologie model is, presumably, just out of the frame.

There's plenty more house beyond these walls—four bedrooms, two and a half baths, 3,400 square feet of space and all that—but we're not sure we'd ever leave this room. Perhaps to get another look at the painted-tin wainscoting on the stairs or walk through all the arched doorways incessantly. There's a backyard, too, and a deck—though it's got to be the least romantic spot in the entire place.

More library photos toward the end!

· 2722 Sutter St [Redfin]