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What $3,000/Month Rents You in San Francisco

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a column that explores what one can rent for a set dollar amount in various San Francisco neighborhoods. Is one man's studio another man's townhouse? Let's find out! Today's price: $3,000.

↑ $3,000 on the nose will net you this one-bedroom flat in a Pacific Heights Victorian. Craig touts the granite countertops in the kitchen, the disposal, and, rather unnecessarily, the ice maker. The kitchen does look pretty roomy for a one-bedroom, and that window sofa looks rather cozy. The unit has its own washer/dryer; parking in the building across the street is gratis. No mention of pets, so assume the worst.

↑ Coming in under budget at $2,900, this ground-floor live/work one-bedroom in South Beach is one of the more sizable of the bunch, at 795 square feet. It's got high ceilings, hardwoods, an industrial-style grid of windows, and a very non-industrial electric stove. We interpreted "Separate exterior entry on quiet Delancey Street" as Craigslist-speak for AN ENTRANCE NOT ENTIRELY UNDER THE GODDAMN FREEWAY. There's laundry in the building, street parking, and, yes, VIP access to I-80.

↑ Here's a top-floor one-bedroom in Bernal Heights for $2,995. The kitchen is small but fairly up to date, with black granite counters and we'll-just-have-to-take-your-word-for-it "space for a table and chairs." The pluses are storage galore and views of a verdant-looking shared backyard. Laundry is in the building, street parking, no pets.

↑ The good news is that for $3,000/month—well, actually $2,988!—you can land a penthouse in the Presidio Landmark. The bad news? It's only 400 square feet. There aren't many photos of the junior one-bedroom to be had, but when you live in the Presidio, that's kind of not the point. As you may recall, this is luxury rental housing, so in addition to the in-unit laundry, marble finishes, that $3K buys access to the property's gym, hot tub, and sun deck. But no pets—which is just cruelty when you're paying so much to live inside a park.

↑ Coming in under budget at $2,850/month, here we have a Nob Hill one-bedroom with skyline views, newly refinished hardwoods, and a remodeled but truly drab kitchen. The paint is a more rehab-center hue of ice blue than was probably intended, but the place looks pretty clean and sizable. The usual downsides apply: street parking, laundromat "nearby," no pets.
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The Presidio Landmark

1801 Wedemeyer St, San Francisco, CA