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Midcentury Megaflip Goes Modern, Adds $5.2M to Price

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According to the brokerbabble surrounding the newly listed 16 Spruce Street, this five-bedroom, five-bath house is "an inspired re-imagination of a Mid-Century modern residence." It just looks modern to us, with all of the shiny whiteness of most other very expensive, recently renovated San Francisco homes. Last year, the house sold for $4.3 million. It is now back on the market for $9.5 million, which is a mindboggling $5.2 million price increase. The new price landed the home at spot number 10 on our list of the 25 most expensive homes for sale in San Francisco right now. It has all the designer touches to justify its ranking, from white oak floors to a Zen garden of riverbed rocks to a 500-bottle wine cellar. The house has a fantastic location right along the Presidio Wall and big windows looking out onto Julius Kahn Park and the Presidio. A glassy staircase forms the centerpiece of the home, and a main-level atrium allows light to flood in. Unfortunately, there are no before-renovation pics to be found floating around, so we can only imagine what this place looked like when it really was in the midcentury style.
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