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Photo-Stalking the Rise of Lumina, SF's Priciest Condo Tower

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Walk anywhere in the vicinity of South Beach and it's hard to miss Lumina, the Arquitectonica-designed triumvirate of glossy blue towers structures whose rise signifies either the holy trinity of luxury or a trio of cold-eyed mean girls staring down the rest of the neighborhood, depending whom you ask. On Friday we got ahold of some preliminary prices, which start at $1,069 per square foot (for a studio) and blast on up to a dizzying $2,000 per square for the three-bedrooms. Out of a sense of tribute as well as mild fear, we've assembled a photo-rendition of the fancy beast's rise so far, beginning with a "vintage" black-and-white snap from way back in April.

Naturally, we've been following the project's progress on Instagram and the Twitter (and while backtracking from the many blockaded sidewalks of South Beach, which afford everyone passing near Lumina the luxury of extra time to gawk at its glassy haunches). Unlike some of our previous Twitter-stalking exploits, this one proved a bit of a challenge, mostly because developer Tishman Speyer gave the project a name already taken by a make of Chevrolet, an idea they presumably got off one of their previous developments, which is some kind of Nissan.

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201 Folsom Street

201 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA


795 Folsom St Ste 600, San Francisco, CA 94107