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NIMBYs Cast Long Shadow Over Cathedral Hill Condo Hearing

Tomorrow the Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on the Draft Environmental Impact Report for the proposed condo tower at 1481 Post Street. As you recall, the 36-story project by SLCE Architects and MWA Architects would bring 262 housing units to Cathedral Hill, but neighbors are none too happy about shadows, views, traffic, and the changes that the tower may bring to the neighborhood. Despite design tweaks (such as adding a pedestrian walkway, a landscaped garden, and wider sidewalks), neighbors have been rallying the NIMBY troops to write letters to the commission and testify tomorrow.

Which means: prepare for a hearing of epic length. If you'd like to contribute your two cents, the hearing is at City Hall tomorrow at 2 p.m., but bring snacks—this one will take a while. If sitting through hours of repetitive testimony doesn't sound fun to you, the Planning Department is also accepting written comments until September 15.

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