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Of Course the Glass Bubble House Sold for $1M Over Asking

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Just two weeks ago we invited you to take refuge from the city's housing craze in a delightful Eureka Valley home with a living room shaped like an actual glass bubble. Nary a fortnight later, someone paid $3.75M for the privilege, totally destroying the ruling metaphor and lending a sense of irony to our original claim in one swift transaction. The buyer cleared the listing price of $2.695M by more than $1 million, a 39 percent bump over the ask.

Anyone without $3.75M to burn might still get a glimpse of that mod living room, since the property also comes with two vacant junior one-bedroom apartments at the front of the building. Who knows? If the new buyers choose to rent those out, maybe they'll permit the tenants to drop off the rent check inside.

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