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Mark Zuckerberg's Insane Reno Caught on Google Street View

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Earlier this week Mark Zuckerberg's Liberty Hill neighbors complained to the Chronicle and NBC about the Facebook founder's 17-month-long overhaul on his $10M "fixer-upper," an ordeal that has torn up their sidewalks, left them without street parking, and put the block under the watchful eyes of a 24-hour security detail. As luck would have it, Google Street View has pretty comprehensive photos of the whole scene. The Street View car rolled past (with some difficulty, we surmise) last month, snapping photos of backhoes and street excavations at precise intervals like a robot paparazzo.

If Google's rather dishy photo capture is any indication of the ordeals Zuckerberg's neighbors have faced over the past year and half, it's no wonder they're starting to complain. By this city's usual NIMBY standards (where shadows routinely inspire outcries and artificial turf installations are seen as a plot to subsidize tire companies), they waited an unusually long time to speak up.

Since Google's fleet shoots in the daytime (for obvious reasons), sadly the cam had no chance of documenting the extraordinary lengths the tech mogul reportedly went to to reserve extra parking spots beyond the four to five his crew had acquired permits to block. According to CBS Local, Zuckerberg hired pairs of people to sit in cars all night to save spots for the morning. One kid even had a textbook with him to study overnight. Couldn't the guy have just sprung for an Uber to ferry them home and back before dawn?

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