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Vida Unveiled Its Zigzagging New Facade, and It's Totally Loca

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If you've strolled down Mission Street near 22nd recently, you probably couldn't help but notice the colorful, geometric front of Vida. The forthcoming condo building, designed by Kwan Henmi, recently unveiled its facade, and it's even more dramatic than it appeared in renderings. The front windows zigzag in and out above the street, begging the question of whether an outward-leaning or inward-leaning window would be preferable. The smaller Bartlett Street portion of the facade, which was revealed before the Mission section, is just as dramatic, bringing a burst of color and movement to the otherwise quiet street.

Vida, which at eight stories is the Mission's tallest condo project for now, will offer 114 one- and two-bedroom units. It is currently about half sold-out, and there are still condos available on every floor. One-bedrooms start in the mid-$600s, while two-bedrooms with parking begin at $919,000. Move-in, set for January 2015, is about 100 days away. Many units will have views across the city, while some, like the one rendered below, will front the newly restored New Mission Theater sign. The theater is on its way to becoming an Alamo Drafthouse, and the upgraded sign will be the next step in the big Mission Street reveal.

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