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Take Cover in This $799K-Magnitude Earthquake Shackteau

The totally renovated Bernal Heights earthquake shack at 20 Newman Street, just half a block from Holly Park, is gorgeous enough to make our list of the 10 Most Beautiful Homes That Just Landed on the Market. In fact, we thought it was so beautiful that we decided to take a closer look. Built in 1908, the 800-square-foot home was one of the more than 5,600 temporary shacks built to house survivors of the 1906 earthquake and fire. They were never meant to last this long, but many have been preserved over the years, expanded, and superbly renovated. This specimen, last purchased for just $590,000 back in 2007, has undergone a total overhaul since then.

Attention has gone into every detail, from the Heath tile backsplash in the kitchen to the cultivated herb garden on the back deck. The vaulted ceilings have been given a distinctive wood pattern, and that chef's kitchen has been fit into a very compact space. There are technically two bedrooms, although one really looks just large enough to fit the crib that currently occupies it. The price is a very reasonable $799,000, but we're taking bets on how much over asking this little house will fetch.

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