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Warriors Plan to "Refine" the "Work in Progress" Arena Design

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"This was presented at the meeting as very much a work in progress so that we could put the size of the building in context," Warriors spokesman P.J. Johnston told today. "In the next few months, we will continue to show much more and the arena design will continue to be refined." Johnston felt obligated to share that tidbit with because of the hilarity that ensued once preliminary drawings for the proposed 18,000-seat arena in Mission Bay came out and it was clear, at least from an aerial perspective, that the arena had an uncanny resemblance to a toilet seat. One Curbed commenter even called it like they saw it on August 15 of this year when the Warriors unveiled plans for the massive Mission Bay site.

"Kind of like looking down at a toilet bowl," wrote runwild. While Johnston told that the "story spread like wildfire and became part of the news cycle," we have to say—and our claim is supported with the above illustration courtesy of SB Nation—that the aerial view of the arena does look like a toilet bowl, despite the "speed and fury of the Internet," to quote Johnston.

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