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Pac Heights Pad with Swoopy Stair Makes Entrance at $9.75M

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The sleek and modern Pacific Heights abode at 2610 Scott Street feels as much like a piece of modern art as it does a home to be lived in. The design makes masterful use of contrasts between dark and light, from the exterior on in. The focal point is a curved wooden staircase with a nautilus of dark steps and a swooping white silhouette that looks like it came straight out of Jean Harlow's wardrobe. Even the living room is perfectly trimmed in black and white, with fabric above the huge windows and black framing to add a touch of darkness to the white walls. There's also a large bar in the living room that fits the color scheme but otherwise feels a bit out of place. The house has four bedrooms and three and a half baths and is asking $9.75 million. However, the square footage comes in at 4,656, which puts the price per square at $2,094, a figure that's almost as stunning as the home itself.
· 2610 Scott St [Redfin]