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More Condos Planned in the Impending Shadow of Flax

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A squat, charmless building at the busy corner of Market and Gough, right across the street from the proposed condo development where Flax Art & Design stands today, may soon meet the wrecking ball. If all goes as planned, developers at Paragon Real Estate, the team behind 38 Dolores (née 2001 Market), will erect a seven-story structure contrived by Forum Design in place of the frame shop that's there now. The new development, known as 1700 Market, would include 43 new residences, composed of 13 one-bedrooms and 30 studios. The building could include up to 1,400 square feet of ground-floor retail and would be car-parking free, which seems totally rational given that it's in one of the city's most transit-rich neighborhoods.

In a presentation at the San Francisco Housing Action Coalition, the developers explained that if the building's units are developed as condos, the project would offer below-market-rate options on-site. Or, if they go as rentals, the sponsors would pay a $2 million fee to the Mayor's Office of Housing. If it marches onward, the project would be one more game-changer for the block, which stands to lose Flax Art & Design to yet more new residences come 2015.

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