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Eviction-Themed Condom to Block Unwanted Occupancies

At the Folsom Street Fair on Sunday, anti-eviction activists handed out condoms emblazoned with the image of a Google attorney who moved to evict several tenants from the seven-unit Mission District building he owns. The proceedings landed said Googler, Jack Halprin, on the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project's watch list. Halprin's building, at 812 Guerrero, was also the target of protests back in April. Some of the tenants have reportedly attempted to pressure Google into leaning on their landlord, but last weekend they decided to make a more, ah, explicit appeal. Which his how Halprin's Xeroxed mug ended up on a bunch of Durex condoms.

Considering what condoms are actually for, we might suggest (for the only time, ever) that an abstinence-themed campaign might have been more fitting—if rather humorously out of place at a bondage festival.

The whole dubious extended metaphor comes full circle in the little rhyme included on the wrapper:

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