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Lonely Buena Vista Queen Anne Back on Market for $4.95M

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This poor Queen Anne. She's big, bold, and beautiful, but she just can't find someone to love her. When this restored 1895 masterpiece first came on the market back in early 2013, we were impressed. There are beautiful period details everywhere, 8,229 square feet, and 22 rooms spread across four floors. Oh, and a hot tub that holds 15 people. At the time, the house was looking for $6.5 million and ranked as the 11th most expensive home for sale in San Francisco. Throughout 2013, the house went on and off the market incessantly and took a rash of price cuts. After a year away, she's now back and asking only $4.595 million, a chop of $1.905 million—nearly 30 percent of the original ask.

So why is this queen still looking for her king? One commenter pointed out after the first price cut that there's some crime spillover from the nearby Haight. But beyond that, it's hard to tell what's wrong. Every detail of the house is impeccable. It's now down to asking a mere $605 per square, which is as close as you can get to a deal in our town. The house has been drastically restaged since its last go-round, with much more understated furniture. So will this time be the charm for this charming Queen?

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21 Buena Vista

21 Buena Vista, San Francisco, CA