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Is the Mission Building Boom Starting to Make Its Way South?

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Yet another big housing development could be headed for the Mission, and this time it's deep into the neighborhood's southern side. Most new Mission developments so far have sprouted in the northern end, but this project would be just shy of Cesar Chavez, on South Van Ness and 26th streets. Lennar Urban, the company responsible for huge new developments planned for the San Francisco Shipyard, Candlestick Point, and Treasure Island, has filed a Preliminary Project Assessment for a new building in a slightly more central location. The proposed project would have 160 units, 90 parking spaces, and 1,740 square feet of commercial space. There would be 64 two-bedrooms, and the average size of all of the units is set to be 890 square feet.

There isn't much happening in the blocks around the planned new development, which will sit within clear sight of Bernal Hill. In one direction the surroundings are largely residential, and closer to Cesar Chavez there's an AutoZone and a gas station. Currently, electrical contractor McMillan Electric is housed on the proposed site at 1515 South Van Ness. Its building would be demolished and a new six-story structure would rise in its place.

No fleshed-out designs of the new housing were submitted along with the application, so there isn't yet much indication of what the finished building would look like. If this project does turn into something real, however, it will signal that the south side of the Mission is headed somewhere very familiar.

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