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Craigslist Hoaxer Lists a Shed Full of Crap for $1500/Month

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In search of an affordable pad in San Francisco? Upset that Bay Area rents are way up over last year? Ticked off at unscrupulous landlords advertising probable ex-garages for enormous sums? A generous Craigslister is willing to rent out a backyard shed in the Haight for a very reasonable $1,500 per month. According to the posting, "It is full of crap. Think of it as excessively furnished!"
The shed doesn't have an oven, but there is a (shared!) BBQ grill, and a garden hose is listed as a utility. Although the poster is willing to give out traps and a pellet gun for the rats, the renter will be responsible for removing all of that crap. Unfortunately for all of those interested in the crap pad, it has already been removed from Craigslist as a fake.

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