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Levi's Stadium Battles Gravity in Epic Construction Time-Lapse

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Videographers from EarthCam produced this time-lapse video of the Levi's Stadium construction process, and it's rather triumphant. Oscar season is still a few months away, but for the stadium's grand (and expensive) debut the 49ers' auteurs-in-residence went all out: For the duration of construction, three megapixel cameras—including something called the GigapixelCam—documented every second of the stadium's rise. Spanning two-plus years, the footage culled more than 200,000 images and some 1,250 panoramas. It all got edited down to just under two minutes, and the whole thing has been dramatized by a soaring musical score that's maybe a wee bit overkill. Then again, an epic construction process is rather like an action movie, albeit one that has to produce a building lasting many decades that, like, never, ever kills people. So, you know, onward!

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