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I Am the Ultimate Transamerica Time-Lapse (and So Can You!)

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Nearly every day since 2012 software engineer and prolific Flickr user Jeremy Brooks has taken the same shot of the Transamerica Pyramid, always standing in the same spot at the window of his office on the 32nd floor of 44 Montgomery Street. Brooks's daily snaps have become a fixture for the nearly 2,300 people who follow him on Flickr. "Sometimes when I was not in the office I would get messages from people wondering why there was not a picture for that day," says Brooks. His posts are regular enough that some people even use them to check the weather.

So yesterday morning at 7 a.m., Brooks taped his iPod Touch to the window to make a 24-hour time-lapse. In the resulting 23-second video, the shadows of downtown's skyscrapers spin around and, at some point during the night, Coit Tower lights up like a candle before getting snuffed out, probably by some insomniac NIMBY.

· Jeremy Brooks [Flickr]
· Jeremy Brooks: 24 Hours [Vimeo]
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Transamerica Pyramid

600 Montgomery Street, , CA 94111