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Want a Decent Deal in San Francisco? Head for the Bayview

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Affordable homes are getting nearly impossible to find in San Francisco, but it is apparently still possible to get a decent deal in the Bayview. A freshly renovated house at 919 Ingerson Avenue has become the latest member of our very non-illustrious Under $500K Club. The house was last purchased for $331K by flippers back in April. They're trying to add $168K to the price, but that seems reasonable for the amount of work that seems to have been done since then. The simple home now has two bedrooms, one bathroom, and an asking price of $499K. There is a brand-new kitchen with granite countertops, a view of the bay, and a leafy backyard. It also sits on the cusp of the Candlestick redevelopment plan, meaning that a new neighborhood will be rising around it over the next few years.
· 919 Ingerson Avenue [Redfin]