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A Micro-Unit for Two Is a Slumber Party That Never Stops

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The marketing team behind developer Patrick Kennedy's Panoramic residential tower now under construction at Mission and Ninth streets has a cache of quasi-realistic—and sometimes totally ridiculous—renderings of the building's interiors and its roof deck, which is positively crawling with CGI yogis. As you recall, the 11-story Kwan Henmi-designed tower—designed by Dwellwell (now Workshop1) with Kwan Henmi—will feature 160 teeny-tiny micro-units, 80 of which are reserved for student housing. Some of the images look pretty familiar, but in this trove of micro-porn we spotted the layouts for the double suites. When we checked in last year, we found renderings for Kennedy's typical one-bedroom configuration, which features a bed that flips down onto the dining table (that'd be the TableBed, in Panoramic parlance)—a move Kennedy tried out in the SoMa Studios on Harriet Street.

Rather than opting for the usual dorm arrangement of beds on opposite sides of the room—no space for that!—these plans place roommies foot to foot (or head to head), like a slumber party that never stops. The beds don't look nearly long enough to sleep the slinkily tall, impossibly narrow render-people seen in the images of the ground-floor lounge and the roof deck, but the mere mortals who move in next year should do just fine. Construction has already reached several floors above ground level, and should wrap up in June of 2015.

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38 Harriet St, San Francisco, CA