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NIMBY Frown Lines Deepen As Nip-Tucked Triplex Prevails

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After facing strong opposition from the Telegraph Hill Dwellers, the triplex planned for 115 Telegraph Hill Boulevard has finally gotten approvals from the Planning Commission—but not before some lengthy testimony and a few more tweaks from the commission. While the design changes went over well (check out the revised renderings from Butler Armsden Architects after the jump), the commission wanted them to nix the whole stair penthouse idea in favor of access hatches instead.

They also required "a good faith effort" from the project sponsors to work with the Department of Building Inspection and Public Works to provide park stewardship and maintenance of the Filbert Street Steps. They also denied the request for four off-street parking spots, limiting it to three only. In the end, the project passed by a 5-2 vote, so now they're clear to pursue permits.

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