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Pepto-Pink Horrorshow Wants Buyer to Throw Up $1.495M

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The Pepto Bismol-pink facade of this Diamond Heights home on the edge of Glen Canyon is completely off the wall, but it may actually be the most sane decorating choice in this extraordinarily wacky home. It's hard to know where to start with the interior. There is the totally inexplicable castle door above the fireplace, which serves as the centerpiece for a room that is painted bright red. The bathrooms, which have supposedly been "artfully renovated," boast chandeliers that look like they are made out of dead plants and confusing, amoeba-like tile.

Meanwhile, another room is painted half mint green and half electric blue. The kitchen is surprisingly normal, as is the standard midlife-crisis red convertible parked in the garage. The home just hit the market asking $1.495 million for its three bedrooms and two baths. Whoever buys this place is going to have to do some quick renovations to avoid ending up with interior design-induced indigestion.

· 2 Turquoise Way [Redfin]