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Who Dumps an $8.4M Manse Just Five Months After Buying It?

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It's been a rocky year for the princely little estate at 3725 Washington Street in Presidio Heights. After going on the market last September for $11M, the sprawling, Michael Taylor–spruced manse cut its price by a million and change six weeks later. It finally sold last April for a slightly disappointing $8.4 million, but trouble soon began brewing in paradise, because it's back on the market already. The new price is a not-very-bashful $8.995M. With all that marble and those grand rooms—seriously, some of the bedrooms look large enough to host a wedding—it resembles a public library, or maybe a hotel? There are five bedrooms, seven-point-five bathrooms, 9,540 square feet of space, and an honestly kind of aggro blue-toile guest suite. Also in the dowry: four fireplaces, an elevator, and a little slip of a pool out back. Second time's the charm?
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