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Giant White Wedding Cake in Presidio Heights Wants $11M

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The dramatic white wedding cake that is 3636 Clay Street has stood atop Presidio Heights for 115 years—and has had only four owners in that time. It is now in search of a fifth owner who can offer $11 million to occupy its very grand, very white interiors. The home's most dramatic feature is a reception foyer with beamed ceilings, leaded windows, and a staircase with four landings. The brokerbabble rather randomly points out that this is "a great spot to make toasts."

The rest of the house, which unfolds over four stories, is impeccably maintained and includes six bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, and a somewhat excessive eight fireplaces. There is only one shot of something that may be a kitchen, and if it is in fact the main kitchen, it is extraordinarily minimal and has not been updated in a very long time. One thing that definitely has not been brought up to date is the parking situation. There's no parking at all right now, although a building permit to add a garage does currently exist.

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