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New Castro Mini-Rentals Have Teensy Floorplans, Lofty Prices

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The brand-new rental units at 2175 Market Street are ready to rent, and they are, not surprisingly, very small and quite expensive. There are 88 one- and two-bedroom apartments in the building, but the one-beds are really the size of studios. The cheapest starts at $2,903, which doesn't sound too horrific for San Francisco until the 509-square foot size pops up. The bedroom is a very compact 10' x 10', while the living room is 13' x 13'. The largest one-beds are 649 square feet, while the most expensive are $3,532 per month and also include a loft accessed by a ladder.

Interested in a roomier two-bedroom? They range from 747 square feet to an absolutely luxurious 845, and start at $4,210 before heading up to $5,600. Amenities include a rooftop deck, a market in the retail space downstairs, and unspecified culinary, arts, and music events. Apartments will be ready as soon as October 10.

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2175 Market Street

2175 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94114