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Your $765K Eichler is Waiting for You (However, It's in Oakland)

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After the unfortunate slaying of an Eichler we witnessed recently in Diamond Heights it's awfully refreshing to see a good one on the market for $765K. Built in 1965, this 5-bed, 2-bath A-frame belongs to Oakland's Sequoyah Hills development—sometimes referred to as the Lost Eichlers of Oakland Hills for its relatively small number of Eichlers. A sales brochure from the time helpfully explains that Sequoyah homes—some of them designed by Claude Oakland—adhere to "a tradition that combines skill and imagination in a most natural manner." Indeed! Prospective buyers also learned about the comforts of "clean and quiet" radiant heating and new features such as the atrium ("a protected outdoor area which is a 'room open to the sky'"). This one's still got its globe lights, plus some new quartz counters in the kitchen. Not sure why just one bedroom is pictured; you'll have to head to Sunday's open house (1–4 p.m.) to see the rest.
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