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This Noe Valley Fixer-Upper Just Sold for $655K Over Asking

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The little green house at 4171 24th Street is right in the heart of Noe Valley, one of San Francisco's most sought-after neighborhoods. It has a decent-sized lot, a backyard, and, most importantly, plenty of potential for renovation. However, it also has only 1,200 square feet, all of it well-worn and need quite a bit of work. The house went into contract after only eight days, and it just sold for $1.85 million—$655K above the initial ask of $1.195 million and a whopping $1,542 per square. The new owners paid for the property in cash, so they're almost certainly flippers. Any guesses on how soon this house will be back on the market (in an unrecognizable form) and for how much more?
· 4171 24th Street [Redfin]