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For $4.5M, the Palace of Fine Arts Can Be Your Front Yard

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This Marina house comes with its own built-in art: the Palace of Fine Arts is perfectly framed in many of its windows. The four-bed, 3.5-bath Mediterranean-style abode sits directly across from the landmark and boasts views of it from most of the rooms on the main level and from the master bedroom. The house is roomy at 3,140 square feet but otherwise unremarkable. However, we suppose the location justifies that $4.5 million ($1,433 per square!) price tag. The house's slightly smaller neighbor sold for that price, which was $500K over its ask, just a few months ago.
· 3456 Baker [Official Site]
· 3430 Baker [Redfin]

Palace of Fine Arts

3301 Lyon St, San Francisco, CA 94123