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Vintage Wallpaper Catalog Lands on the Market for $4.195M

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Houses that hibernate away for generations feel like time capsules when they finally turn up on the listings sites after God knows how long. Whoever last touched this 5-bed, 3.25-bath house was, from the looks of things, cuckoo for florals, paisleys, and the finest Magic Eye posters of the 1940s. Presumably, the location scounts for next season's Anthropologie catalog are on their way now! The shower curtain alone conjures strong hints of Escher for Target, a thing that, despite not existing, definitely applies here. Since the property hasn't seen the market in 60-odd years, the owners took the safe—though maybe a tad aspirational—route and listed it for the neighborhood median price of $4.195M. The brokerbabble is careful to sprinkle in the letters T, L, and C, but also calls the home a "fully detached beauty," which is either an honest description of the structure or some sort of Lindsay Lohan allegory we can't quite parse.
· 2206 Lake St [Redfin]