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Long-Awaited Veterans Memorial Marches Toward Completion

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At long last, the War Memorial Opera House and the Veterans Building will finally be joined by an actual memorial to American veterans. The memorial was part of the original plan for Civic Center's magnificent beaux-arts complex, but unfortunately never saw the light of day. Now, decades after it was originally proposed, San Francisco's tribute to those who've gone to war is coming to fruition. The $2 million project is called "Passage of Remembrance" and features a basalt stone octagon surrounded by reflecting pools, as well as a lawn area in a layout that recalls the configuration of the old plaza. The elegant design is the result of a partnership between Los Angeles-based architect Susan Narduli and San Francisco landscape architect Andrea Cochran. Narduli and Cochran's entry was selected after a design competition that wrapped up in 2012. Ground was broken last March, and construction is well under way. Should all go according to plan, the new memorial should open to the public this coming October, just in time for Fleet Week.
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