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Flippers Transform Technicolor Disaster into Blah Model Home

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Less than eight months ago, 254 Winding Way in Crocker Amazon looked like the results of a death match between a box of Christmas wrapping paper and the Pantone color wheel. One room boasted red-patterned wallpaper, a red chandelier, and what appears to be a mirrored ceiling, while other rooms were bright green or purple. All were in a state of serious disrepair. The house, which at the time had two bedrooms, one bathroom and 1,200 square feet of space, sold for $590,000 last December. It has since undergone a near-complete renovation to become a lovely little home with almost no remnants of its past remaining. It has grown to four bedrooms, four baths, and 2,000 square feet. The house's new ask is $988K, a well-justified increase of $398K from its last sales price. We expect the Target Home catalog to be calling soon.

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