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First Look: Renderings Released for New Third Street Condos

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Another condo project is preparing to drop into the absolutely bustling Dogpatch/Central Waterfront neighborhood. This one, situated right along the Third Street corridor at 2177 Third, will bring 109 new units with with waterfront views, courtyard gardens, and a now-ubiquitous rooftop terrace. Renderings from architecture firm Woods Bagot have just been released and show a seven-story building that draws its inspiration from the neighborhood's industrial past, especially through the use of materials such as bronze-anodized aluminum and metallic-fritted glass. The most interesting aspect of the design is the inclusion of framed balconies that combine with sliding glass doors and operable windows to manage the building's energy performance. Inside the building's one- and two-bedroom units there will be sliding, movable walls and lots of natural light. The project is being developed by M. Gaehwiler Construction Inc. and is currently looking for approvals from Planning.
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