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WTF: Abused Eichler Sells for Nearly as Much as Nice Eichler

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Last month we lamented the condition of this fallen Eichler at 91 Cameo Way in Diamond Heights, which someone halfheartedly ripped apart before giving up and putting it on the market for the seriously-wtf-guys price of $1,449,000. You see, not 500 feet away, at 25 Cameo Way, a pristine Eichler of the same size and vintage (which is 1962) went on the market in April for $1,425,000. That house sold in May, quite understandably over asking for $1,735,000. But—wait for it—the sad Eichler, which you may recall does not even have a floor, ended up selling for $1,425,000, the exact asking price of the nice one! That it went for $24K under ask is small comfort. What has this world come to?

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