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Here Now, 32 Vintage Postcards from San Francisco

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Whether or not you're traveling in spatial terms this holiday weekend, you can, right this very minute, travel in time. We rounded up postcard views of old San Francisco, from the Tivoli Opera House (felled by the 1906 earthquake and fire) to an amazingly pastoral-looking Civic Center motel with a backdrop of green hills. But mostly, it's all the places we still talk about today—the Golden Gate, the Palace of Fine Arts, Cliff House—just less foggy and a whole lot more pastel. Of course, now the haberdashery is less ... eventful and there aren't any bare-bummed ladies approaching trolley cars (that we know of!). Also, did BART ever look that hip?
· A Photo Salute to the Ghosts of San Francisco's Industrial Past [Curbed SF]