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At Long Last, a Noe Valley Flip That Doesn't Completely Suck

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Just under a year ago, a Noe Valley Mediterranean built in the 1930s sold for $1.4 million. The house had lovely cathedral windows but needed some updates to areas such as the bathrooms, which sported a color scheme reminiscent of a girls' locker room. The subsequent flipper renovation of course brought in an open plan, a chef's kitchen, and soaking tubs in the bathrooms. Unlike many flips, this one isn't all that bad. The home's distinctive windows remained intact, and seven skylights now flood the house with natural light that was missing before.
An old fireplace has been updated, and there's no sign of the electric flat-paneled fireplaces that go into many flips. The house has seen an significant increase in square footage—from 1,600 to 2,434—and jumped from two bedrooms to four. The house just sold for $2.75 million, which was $455K over asking. It was also an increase of $1.35 million in a year. But, for once, we don't hate what they've done with the place.

· 4279 26th Street [Redfin]