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Trailing the Google Barge, Apple Debuts Rival Mystery Structure

Ahead of the September 9 unveiling of Apple's latest product line, the purveyor of the world's most sought-after portable rectangles has been quietly building a mystery structure on the grounds of the Flint Center for Performing Arts at De Anza College in Cupertino, where the big reveal of this year's iDevices will take place. That a company famous for its secrecy keeps its plans hidden away in a spy-proof black box is no surprise, and neither is the design of that black box, which is, of course, white. Standing at about three stories tall, the building is protected by barricades, and the college has been sworn to secrecy, according to Mac Rumors.

As far as mystery structures go, this one looks far more boring than the Google barge, but that is just the kind of stealthy minimalist game Apple likes to play, see? As we get closer to September 9, we'll be on the lookout for cheaper, plastic versions of the same building in a variety of candy colors.

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