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Can the Development Police Uproot Kilroy's Flower Mart Plans?

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Tenants of the San Francisco Flower Mart are speaking out against the development plans that would put an office building on the Flower Mart's SoMa site, and they have former mayor Art Agnos on their side. Kilroy Realty struck a $26.6 million deal to acquire the 1.9-acre western portion of the site this summer and announced plans to build a new, SOM-designed tech campus that would somehow incorporate new facilities for the Flower Mart. The owners of another big section of the site are now in negotiations with a developer, rumored to also be Kilroy. But Flower Mart tenants are concerned about their future and the lack of clarity from Kilroy.

Agnos, who most recently led efforts to fight waterfront development, and former Board of Supervisors president Aaron Peskin will join a news conference today to express their displeasure. The flower sellers' leases expire at the end of the year, and they are worried that they may not be renewed. Tenants would like to see guarantees that they will fit into the future SOM-designed tech campus. Although Kilroy has publicly promised that the Flower Mart won't disappear, details about its future have been scant thus far.

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