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I-280 Just Eye Candy for Future Condos with Skimpy Parking

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At the beginning of this week, a warehouse stood at the bedraggled corner of Pennsylvania and 17th streets. The structure had been in disrepair for years, with discarded furniture and trash surrounding its Pennsylvania Avenue side. Now it has been demolished in order to make way for a four-story, 26-unit building with sweeping views of an elevated section of I-280. As you recall, the adjacent structure will also come down, to be replaced by another four stories with 11 units. The new buildings are designed by Elevation Architects.

The condo buildings will sit right up against 280, giving them extra-easy access to the freeway but somewhat dingy surroundings. There are only 20 parking spaces for the 37 units total, so nearly half the new condo owners will not be able to take advantage of the freeway they'll spend all day staring at. Pennsylvania Avenue, which now is a wasteland without sidewalks or greenery, will at the very least benefit from new streetscaping.

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