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Live in a Set of Century-Old Geometric Shapes for $2.15M

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The architecture of James Francis Dunn, who built French Renaissance apartment houses around San Francisco at the turn of the 20th century, has been described as exuberant and passionate. Those traits perfectly describe his William Olsen flats near Alamo Square, where gargoyles perch outside windows and odd room shapes become design elements instead of obstructions. Constructed in 1900, the building most likely started life as a set of high-end apartments for the city's well-to-do. Now it's a condo building, of course, and this two-level dwelling has five bedrooms, three bathrooms, and 4,477 square feet of perfect living space. The downstairs is notable for its preserved details, from stained glass to an elaborate pillared fireplace. But it's the top floor where Dunn's magic really gets going, with odd but livable geometric spaces—even the bathroom walls are angled!—and elegant oval windows. The ask is only $2.15 million, which comes in at a meager $480 per square.
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