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Twitter-Stalking the Rise of Snøhetta's Big SFMØMA Expansion

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Just yesterday reader Jono Acquisti snapped this shot of a rather disrobed-looking SFMOMA as it awaits recladding in the rest of its new all-white wardrobe of vacuum-molded concrete. For the past several months, the museum has been titillating the Twitterfolk with this striptease in reverse, and the microblogosphere has obliged by documenting the rise of the rear tower in one big collective photostalking enterprise. Watch the tower go up before your very eyes, starting with a snap by contractor Webcor Builders in December on up through a shot taken Saturday from Yerba Buena Gardens. Constructoporn—it's like destructoporn, but in reverse! (Special instructions for destructoporn hard-liners: Click through, go to the bottom of the post, and commence scrolling up.)

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