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Glen Park Flip Nearly Doubles Its Price in Just Three Months

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A mere three months ago, a dated three-story home on Noe Street sold for $1.412 million. The house underwent some quick fixes that replaced the rotting decks, modernized the exterior, and updated touches like kitchen countertops. The home jumped from 1,913 square feet up to 2,300, although its number of bedrooms has gone down from four to three. And although the property actually sits within the Glen Park borders, the brokerbabble now advertises it as "on the outskirts of Noe Valley." Any midcentury vintage feel is gone. Unlike most flips, there is no staging, making what is already a cold interior look downright arctic. For these icy upgrades, the flippers are now asking $2.698 million, an astronomical jump of $1.286 million, or 91 percent, in a near-record three months.

· 1750 Noe Street [Redfin]