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Ditch the Mini-Manse Hunt and Make the EndUp Yours for $5.2M

The choice is this: Keep going to open houses for those grand ol' Victorians … or blow your house budget on the EndUp, whose storied SoMa digs are on the market for $5.2M. Because once you sign on to run a nonstop after-hours electrodance party, finding a place to lay your head becomes somewhat moot. Pros: Three stories and 9,000 square feet, your very own bar, a purple-uplit dais with a white sectional couch the size of a small boat, a nice backyard, lighting rig, and a coveted after-hours liquor license. Cons: gross-looking vinyl banquettes, an unfinished basement, highway noise from I-80, and one glorious hangover.
To be clear, the EndUp itself is not for sale, but the building is, and it comes with the nightclub as a lessee (who, the listing assures us, is "a long term, financially sound tenant"). See it all at the open house—that'd be Tuesday, August 26, and Tuesday, September 2, from noon to 2pm—or just stop by tonight at last call and buy everyone a drink, wouldya?

· 401 Sixth Street [Urban Group SF]
· The EndUp [Official Site]