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Little Eureka House Not Quite Big Enough for Its $2.585M Price

The brokerbabble for 457 Hill Street urges potential buyers not to be fooled by the home's storybook facade. That just seems like a quaint way of telling people not to get scared away by the fact that this place looks tiny and is asking well over $2 million. Despite the realtor's insistence that the house is more spacious than it looks, buyers are not beating down the door. The two-bedroom, two-bath cottage came on the market for $2.585 million back in June and just hacked $145K off of its price to land at $2.45 million. The house does have 1,816 square feet, so it really isn't as small as it appears, but the interiors aren't particularly interesting. The best feature other than its location near the peak of Dolores Heights is a flower-filled backyard.
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