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Pier 29 to Host a Google-Tesla Coffee Pop-Up for Winos, Maybe

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Pier 29 has undergone several reincarnations over the past few years and is now getting ready for yet another. The former maritime warehouse on the pier was rebuilt in 2012 following a fire, and it served as a food and entertainment hub during last year's America Cup. Now that the race is officially moving on to new waters, the Port of San Francisco is now exploring new uses for Pier 29. Its location near the Alcatraz Ferry, the soon-to-open San Francisco Cruise Terminal, and the Exploratorium make the pier a prime candidate for tourism. The Port, however, wants to make sure that the revamped pier will complement rather than compete with nearby attractions. A designer/maker showcase or a beverage-themed (think coffee or wine) food hall are currently the leading suggestions.

All of the potential schemes for Pier 29 center around a made in San Francisco concept. Possibilities include products made by local artisans, coffee roasted right on the pier, or beer and wine from nearby producers. But the Port's proposals also mention a flagship store from a Bay Area company like Tesla or Google. There would also be public space for food trucks, pop-up shops, and special events. At this point, all of the imagined uses for the Port are just suggestions to be explored, but given the land's location and proximity to tourists, expect something new at Pier 29 soon.

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