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Last Week's Biggest Sales: The Valleys Topple the Heights

Listed for: $3.998M
Received: $5.15M
Size: 4-bed, 3.5-bath 3,889-square-foot single-family home
Location: 15 Fountain St, Noe Valley
The skinny: Noe dominated last week, with two listings in the top three, and—for once!—Pac Heights is nowhere to be found in the rankings. This Noe 4-bed went for more than $1M over asking, pulling in $5.15M and busting past the sleepy $3-mil range we've been seeing lately in the Heights during these August doldrums. With floor-to-ceiling windows and big views, this one's got lots of spit-shined finishes. We're positive all those glass railings are there to keep the focus on the view, but the museum-atrium vibe might get a bit old after a while.

Listed for: $1,995,000
Received: $2,073,500
Size: 3-bed, 3.5-bath, 1,852-square-foot single-family home
Location: 44 Diamond St, The Castro
The skinny: Here's a down-to-the-studs remodel of a midcentury modern single-family, delivered by a decorator with the same taste in kitchens as the people at 15 Fountain. You know it's a slow week when the runner-up barely cracks $2M, so we'll just say we like the skylights and avoid mentioning the TV room rug entirely (whoops).

Listed for: $1.425M
Received: $1.8M
Size: 3-bed, 1-bath, 1,620-square-foot single-family home
Location: 551 Eureka St, Noe Valley
The skinny: This three-story Edwardian went for $375K over asking, perhaps in light of the lot's size and, chirps the listing, "expansion potential!" Upstairs everything looks to be in order, if a bit dated; downstairs, the "bonus" multipurpose room looks ready for a pre-K to move in.