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Nab the Sherbet-Colored Castle of Your Dreams for $2.995M

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Just when we were beginning to get depressed over the number of bleached and waxed flips in Noe and Eureka, here comes a grand old dame so far untouched by the far-reaching tentacles of Home Depot renos. When the current owner picked up this 1890 5-bed Queen Anne Victorian for $600K in 1991, it had been converted into a four-unit building. Apparently the owner never got around to converting it back, and instead lived in the building as one giant, but probably disjointed, home. (A carriage house in the rear accounts for the fifth bedroom.) With a rather enormous 3,740 square feet of space, 2566 Pine has the crazy mix of color schemes you'd expect from a multi-unit building (and the 5.5 baths to match). In addition to the riot of Victorian embellishments—stained glass, chandeliers, sculptural molding, columns, etc!—there are two garages with spaces for 10 cars, which is more than some SoMa developments are seeing these days. Even if you don't have three (or four … or five) mil burning a hole in your pocket, Sunday's open house should be a trip.
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