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Two Portola Homes Go Twinsies on a Six-Figure Price Chop

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Two brand-new, very shiny homes in the Portola have both hit the chopping block this week with six-figure price cuts for each. Last year, the homes were just a pair of empty adjacent lots that sold for $329,500 apiece. By this July they were back on the market with newly constructed houses now included. One house has three bedrooms and four bathrooms, while the other, although slightly larger in square footage, has two beds and four baths. Both started out asking $1.4995M but this week each took a $100K chop and lowered its price down to $1.3995M. Although both houses are big and new, they are also both devoid of any character whatsoever, which may be causing their problems on the market.
· 262 Madison Street [Redfin]
· 268 Madison Street [Redfin]